The live events sector needs to elevate its reporting process or risk losing the battle for marketing spend

Eventex 2022 Winner – Data Collection / Event Analytics Technology

The future of event optimisation is data-driven

To meet the needs of brand decision-makers, we have developed a product that revolutionises the way event data is collected. Introducing Elevate Impact: a reporting tool which captures live data and presents the information in real time.

Elevate Impact is an Industry first as it tracks Pre-During-Post event metrics all in an easy to navigate and visually stimulating dashboard.

Measure what really matters

Elevate Impact can be used to track and monitor 250 individual data points across a whole activation time frame. From staffing metrics such as training rosters all the way through to footfall monitoring, brand performance metrics (such as NPS and brand awareness) and on to purchase tracking and social listening.

Better Data

• Captures over 17 Brand KPI’s
• Pre-During-Post Event measurement
• 50 daily Event performance questions
• Benchmark events vs other marketing activity

More effective tracking

• Updated up to 500 x per day
• Identify event issues as they happen
• Evaluate individual staff performance day by day
• Redeploy assets to locations where most needed

Better budget deployment

• One reporting platform for all event activation
• Continuous Impact Technical support
• Includes dedicated data analyst
• Includes all digital data capture through staff

Deeper analysis

• Historical campaign database: by category, by event
• Actionable insights up to 7 x per week
• Live updated dashboard 24/7
• Analyse event performance by location, by campaign
• Integrated facial recognition, digital footfall tracker
• Board level presentation and chart package

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